Shadow and Light Journey

Shadow and Light Journey is a year long transformational journey beginning in 2022 hosted by Kim Barta and Forrest Wilson. Shadow and Light is an invitation into what might possibly be the most transformative year of your life.

We will be embarking on a journey into the depths of shadow work, developing the breadth and fullness of each developmental level, and illuminating our fullest potential as human beings and as consciousness.

The Cosmic Dance of Healing

Forrest Wilson discussing walking through the world as a living, breathing catalyst for transformation and healing and inviting the world to play this evolutionary game and step into new ways of being together.


Shamanism is the healing practices of hunters and gatherers with multiple branches including:

  1. The medicine and herbal healing shaman
  2. The psychotropic healing shaman
  3. Psychological, psychosomatic, psychosocial, somatic healing shaman

Our program is focused on the mind, body, spirit, and community healing branch of shamanism.

Kim Barta's Shamanic Background & Education

Kim Barta has been doing psychological and shamanic healing work for 40 years now after completing his masters degree in a multidisciplinary program including social work, counseling, psychology, and sociology in one program.

Kim wrote a masters thesis on shamanism being an advanced form of psychology which, combined with his experience living with a Native American shaman for 6 months, inspired Kim to start his practice on a Native American reservation, where he has worked with the full spectrum of the human experience, including some of the deepest forms of human trauma.

Kim discusses how shamans use psychology in powerful ways for emotional, intellectual, social, and body healing to help their communities survive.