Join us for a yearlong journey to your deepest authentic self and higher states of consciousness in a meaningful and heart-led community


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Shadow and Light Overview

Kim Barta sharing his inspiration and passion for combining developmentally-informed meditations with shadow healing and conscious community into one holistic course.

Do you want to experience robust aliveness, freedom, vivaciousness, and flow in life while also experiencing profound peace and stillness in your body and being?

Discover your personal world of unknown treasures, unbounded consciousness, and a life-altering journey to wholeness.


Illuminate Your Shadow!

Discover your hidden self, heal the pain and suffering, erase repetitive problems, and discover your buried treasure. 
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Discover Your Light!

We will guide you to your fullest potential with unique meditations specifically designed to help you reach your highest states and stages of consciousness
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Learn the Art of Journeying!

You will be guided through the art of journeying to your deepest authentic self and your highest states of consciousness.



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Explore Your Shadow Light Journey

Illuminate Your Shadow!

Free yourself from limitations. Liberate your potential. Release problems holding you back.

  • ​Dive into the depths of your unconscious

  • Discover your shadow self, the unknown part of yourself that contains the secrets of your suffering and potential

  • Unearth shadow patterns that keep you down

  • Heal your wounded parts

  • Retrieve newfound treasures from the depths of your inner being

  • Liberate your potential from the chains of the inner demons

  • Unleash your consciousness development into new evolutionary aliveness

  • Learn and explore in a conscious community where you can see and be seen together in this courageous work

  • Receive cutting edge shadow coursework and guidance from an internationally respected master
Discover Your Light!

Experience the potential of your consciousness with meditations at every developmental level

  • Discover monthly developmentally informed guided meditations designed to free your consciousness from constrictions

  • Explore unique guided meditations for developing more full potential of each developmental stage of consciousness

  • Practice guided meditations designed to help you reach ecstatic states of consciousness.

  • Learn guided meditations designed to help you develop to a new stage of consciousness—a place to orient to the world in a deeper and truer way than ones' egoic and dualistic view

  • Access new meditations that go up through the latest researched, documented, stages of development

  • Get the cutting-edge researched STAGES model of the evolution of consciousness and receive new understandings from the co-founder of Stages International

Join a Collective Journey!

Resolve your shadow and liberate your potential in a supportive and nurturing community 

  • Cultivate community with others called to healing and evolutionary consciousness work

  • Engage in monthly 2-hour large consciously created community process meetings guided by Kim and Forrest to help you resolve shadow and live in the light

  • Participate in monthly Q&A with Kim and Forrest with your inspiring shadow and light questions

  • Deepen your authenticity in monthly consciously created small group sessions on shadow and light

  • Deepen your intimacy with 2x monthly shadow and light sessions with study buddies

  • Explore in an ongoing online community forum to share your experiences, gain insight from others and post inquiries for peers, Forrest and Kim
  • Be in community interactions designed to foster healing shadow and augment meditative states from a trusted international professional

What is shadow? 

Any constriction that keeps us from our fullest potential and the fullest beings that we are as humans and as consciousness.

  • Any constriction on the shape of our wholistic consciousness
  • Any unconscious aspects of ourselves playing out in our lived experience
  • Wounding from childhood
  • Trauma from life difficulties
  • Cultural intrusions on your natural spirit of life

What is light?

The light is when everything is open and resonating. We are able to:

  • Receive accurately, clearly, and openly
  • Take action and have agency with our experience
  • Interact with others and the Universe in an open way
  • See you are the universe, and it is, you
  • Reach new states of ecstasy
  • Reach new heights of wisdom and awareness 


Discover Your Hidden Treasures!

We will guide you every step of the way to your deep self-discovery and fullest potential.

  • Live Professional Guidance
  • Deep Shadow Work
  • Unique Meditations
  • Connected Community
  • Detailed Manuals
  • Personal Workbooks
  • And Your Authenticity

Faculty and Facilitation Team

Holding Space and Evolving With You


Hi! I'm Kim Barta. I designed this course for you from 30 years of healing shadow, guiding advanced consciousness, and designing transcendent journeys, so you can heal and thrive in your life-spark.


Welcome! I'm Forrest Wilson, and I'm passionate about bringing a new world into being, infused with and sourced from love. That world is made possible through healing and developmental work. 

Kim Barta

Psychotherapist and Shadow Work Shaman

Kim Barta is an internationally-recognized multi-culturally informed psychotherapist, spiritual guide, author, workshop creator, and speaker. His work is grounded in an experiential practice blending his unique sophisticated healing with practical everyday usability. He has written and lectured on diverse topics such as: Shadow, Spiritual Development, Developmentally Informed Meditation, Developmental Psychology, Shadow and Health at Every Developmental Level, Healthy Power, Developmental Leadership, Organizational leadership, Power and Bliss, Grief, Parenting, Relationships, and Love, to name a few. He has developed several new forms of therapy including: The Evolution of Shadow Resolution, Psychosocial Cartography, Stages Developmentally Informed Psychotherapy, Shadow to Spirit, and more. Kim Co-founded Stages International, an organization focused on researching evolutionary consciousness. Kim is internationally respected as one of the worlds leading psychotherapists working effectively with people measured at the highest stages of consciousness.

Forrest Wilson

Supporting Instructor

Forrest Wilson facilitates and holds space for bodies, beings, and collectives to come into coherence through practicing presence, deepening into our essential wholeness, and sourcing our emerging future.

After a decade of traveling the world on a healing journey, Forrest is partnering with Kim to bring you what might be the most transformative year of your life.

"I am proud to be working with Forrest Wilson, one of those young luminaries that will blaze a trail of vivacious consciousness into the future. He has already mastered the ability to hold a sacred space for healing, demonstrated agility in advanced stages of consciousness, and possesses a passion to learn with each moment of life. More personally, Forrest is a kind, caring, supportive, and lively human who anyone would be blessed to be around. It is an honor to have Forrest at my side as we provide this transcendent journey of consciousness to you." - Kim Barta

Does this opportunity resonate with you?

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Who is this program for?

This program is for you if:

  • You are ready to work on your whole being and get to know your whole self

  • You want to evolve your consciousness and meet your potential

  • You want to resolve issues in your life to make your life better

  • You are ready to overcome your triggers in life.

  • You seek to live a more deeply authentic life

  • You want to be part of a courageously authentic community

  • You want to show up in the world with more love, presence and compassion, empowered to create more effective changes in the world around you

  • You want to show up in your relationships more effectively

  • You love children and want to understand how we can most consciously nurture and raise children

  • You are a professional practitioner and want to work with light and dark in deeper, more skilled ways

  • You are an entrepreneur or executive and want to lead more passionately, compassionately, and effectively

Welcome to Your Journey!

12 month Shadow and Light Journey


  • Monthly Live guided group work
  • Monthly live Q&A
  • Monthly unique developmentally informed meditations
  • 24 on-demand videos
  • 65 page Illuminate My Shadow manual
  • 20 page Illuminate My Shadow workbook
  • 140 page Heal My Shadow manual
  • 16 page Heal My Shadow workbook
  • Monthly collective container
  • 24 1:1 study buddy sessions
  • 12 small group sessions
  • Ongoing online community forum
  • A co-creating healthy community guide
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